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AULI – Uttarakhand

Tired of the same old routine? Take a trip to Auli for a refreshing change.

Auli is a beautiful scenic hill station located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. It has one the loftiest ski resorts in the world, positioned at an altitude of 2,800 measures above ocean position, and is known for its stirring views and the snow-capped Himalayan Mountain ranges. Famous among excursionists and professionals likewise as a ski destination, if you’re looking for skiing and snow-boarding conditioning this is a place to be at.

Beautiful graphic meadows offer panoramic views of the girding mountains. Also known as “ Auli Bugyal ” which means “ meadow ” in Garhwali( original language) vivid meadows that are covered with snow during downtime and lush flora during summer. It’s home to several rare species of foliage and fauna, including the Himalayan Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, and Blue Poppy. It’s also a popular destination for touring with several touring trails offering stunning views of the girding mountains.

The most popular touring trails include the Kauri Pass Trek, Nanda Devi Trek, and the Valley of Flowers Trek. Piecemeal from these, the place is also known for its affable rainfall, succulent original food, and warm hospitality. A popular destination for adventure suckers, nature suckers, and those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst the mountains. 


  1. The best time to visit Auli depends on your tastes and interests.
  2. However, the best time to visit Auli is he between March and June, perfect for outdoor activities like trekking and camping if you want to spend time in clear skies and pleasant weather.
  3. And if you’re into skiing, the best time to visit is between December and February, when heavy snow falls and the ski season is in full swing.
  4. Auli Ski Festival is again held in a large square, attracting many day-trippers and ski experts. Therefore, it is a must-see place. And finally, if you love tranquility and warm colors, and want to experience the beauty of the scenic landscapes and forests of the region, then September to November is the perfect time to enjoy autumn, and you’ll be in style. It’s time.


Here’s how to reach Auli from major metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Chennai

Airways : The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport or Dehradun Airport, 220 km down. There are daily flights to Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore operated by Jet Airways, Air India Regional, and SpiceJet. From then, callers can fluently take a bus or taxi to Auli.

Railways : There are frequent trains to Rishikesh from Auli since the destination is well-connected to other Indian metropolises via an extensive rail network. The nearest railhead is located 230 km from Rishikesh. In addition to superfast trains from Delhi, there are also regular trains that run to Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Roadways : The least accessible way to reach Auli from a large megacity is to travel by road as it covers a distance of thousands. Still, the favored way to travel to Auli from a major megacity like Delhi is to take a bus from Delhi to Rishikesh. It takes about 12 hours or further to reach Auli Uttarakhand from Delhi(overnight). Generally, the best way to reach Auli from major cities is by flying to Dehradun or taking the train to Rishikesh, the nearest railway station.


Besides, a beautiful destination nestled in the Himalayas, known for its stunning natural beauty and adventure sports. Here are some things you can do 
Skiing : Auli is one of the finest skiing destinations in India. Winters in the Himalayas are ideal for skiing. 
Trekking: Auli offers several trekking routes that offer stunning views of the mountains and the enclosed areas particularly, there are several popular trekking routes, similar to Kuari Pass Trek, Gorson Bugyal Trek, and Nanda Devi Trek. 
Cable car ride: Auli has the longest cable car ride in Asia, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. 
Camping: Auli is an excellent camping destination. You can set up your roof in the scenic meadows and spend a night under the stars. 
Visit the Auli Artificial Lake: The Artificial Lake is a popular attraction in Auli, and it offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Auli is a fantastic destination for adventure and nature suckers.  


Joshimath : Joshimath Temple is an ancient temple devoted to Lord Shiva and is a must-visit place in Auli.
Badrinath : It’s a holy city located around 60 km (about 37.28 mi) from Auli and is a popular passage point.
Valley of flowers national park : It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site located around 80 km (about 49.71 mi) from Auli.
Hemkund Sahib : It’s a Sikh pilgrimage point located around 40 km (about 24.85 mi) from AuliNanda Devi National Park : Nanda Devi National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to several endangered species. You can trek or jeep safari to explore the park.

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FAQ Regarding AULI (Uttarakhand)

The best time to visit Auli is from December to March for skiing and enjoying the snow, and from May to October for pleasant weather and outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing.

Auli is famous for its stunning Himalayan views, excellent skiing conditions, and beautiful landscapes. Its well-maintained slopes, lush coniferous forests, and proximity to popular trekking routes make it a top destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

To reach Auli, Uttarakhand, you can fly to Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun or take a train to Haridwar/Rishikesh. Banzaara Travels offers convenient and comfortable transport options, including private cabs and guided tours, ensuring a smooth journey to Auli. Book your trip with Banzaara Travels for a hassle-free experience!

The closest railway station to Auli is Rishikesh Railway Station, located about 250 kilometers away.

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