Ranthambore Safari Booking

Ranthambore Safari Booking is something you should be doing if you are visiting the Ranthambore National Park. It is one of the most significant national parks in India. Owing to its distinctive charm and class it has proved to be exemplary for the tourism sector. And it also makes Ranthambore National Park one of the most famous national parks in India. It is located in the laps of the Aravali hills and Vindhya plateau. It’s spread over an area of 1334 sq km and the area of the national park is 392 sq km. This is why you should do your Ranthambore Safari Booking prior to avoid any hassle as it’s highly considered by the tourists visiting the national park. The purpose of most tourists is to experience the Royal Bengal Tigers, along with other wildlife adventures.

Type Of Safaris

Visitors planning to visit Ranthambore Park should know the available safari options well in advance. There are two types of safaris: Jeep & Canter Safaris. The Canter is a 20-seater vehicle while the Jeep is a 6-seater vehicle.

In the case of jeeps, you have the option of booking from either the 6-seater jeep or a shared jeep safari. Canter Safari is suitable for tourists who are visiting in large groups. To avoid unavailability,  Ranthambore Safari Booking must be made 90 days well in advance. Though last-minute bookings are available, however, it is contingent on availability.

Safari Booking Procedure 

Ranthambore Safari Booking is regulated by the Forest Department (Government of India). There are two modes of booking: online and offline. The offline Ranthambore Safari Booking facility is available at the Ranthambore National Park. Online safari is available at the Ranthambore Forest Department website. You can book either of the two options a Jeep or a Canter.

The safari is open for the entire year. Tourists can also book a jungle safari online 365 days before the safari date. At the time of booking, the safari zone is picked. There are 10 different safari gate zones at the Ranthambore National Park which you can choose from.

Safari Timing and Prices

Tourists who are doing the Ranthambore Safari Booking should note that safari functions at different times in different months. It is as follows:

From 1st Oct to 31st Oct the timings are 06:30 am to 10:00 am & 02:30 pm to 06:00 pm

1st Nov to 31st Jan: 07:00 am to 10:30 am & 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm

From 1st Feb to 31st Mar: 06:30 am to 10:00 am & 02:30 pm to 06:00 pm

1st April to 15th May: 06:00 am to 09:30 am & 03:00 pm to 06:30 pm

16th May to 30th June: 06:00 am to 09:30 am & 03:30 pm to 07:00 pm.

The charges are as follows: permit charges and jeep charges. A six-seater jeep, safari tour operators charge 1700 INR/per passenger from Indian nationals and 2900/per passenger for foreign nationals.

A 20-seater canter, the safari tour operators charge 1400 INR/per passenger from Indian Nationals and 2400 INR/per passenger for foreign nationals. And for a full-day safari, Indian nationals have to pay 57000 INR/Jeep, and foreign nationals have to pay a safari cost of 72000 INR/Jeep.

Safari Zones

Zone 1

This zone houses the most famous tigers of Ranthambore National Forest like Ustad, Noor, and Sultan. The best time to see them is during summer. The entry gate and exit gate are the Singh Dwar. Here you have the best chances of viewing the big cats.

Zone 2

In this zone, you will see leopards other than the Royal Bengal Tigers. A few other sights to see here are the Jogi Mahal, Bada Gate, Jhalra, Parniya, Nal Ghati, Amrahi, Telan Pachauri, Phuta Bandha, Rishi Ka Deh, Pandu Deh, Phuta Kot, Lahpur Tiraha, Chandra Deh, Guda Chowki.

Zone 3

This zone houses famous tigers and their cubs like Krishna and her cubs, Sitara.

Zone  4

This zone has the following tigers and cubs T-17, T-25, T-28, T-74, T-75, T-19, T-28, and T-85.

Zone 5

Zone 4 and 5 have the same entrance and exit gate which is the Singh Dwar gate. The best viewing points are Gular Kui, Jokhang, Takia Klui, Pili Ghat, Kachida Valley, Dhaka, Baghdad, Tiraha, Bakhola, Anatpura, and Singh Dwar. These zones are highly recommendable for witnessing tigers.

Zone 6

This zone is known for housing diverse wildlife. This zone is also known for its terrain and beautiful landscapes. It has eminent tigers like T-57, T-34, T-8, and T-58  with their cubs.

Zone 7

This zone houses T-34, T-8, T-58, T-61, and her two cubs. These tigers are frequently seen from anywhere in this zone.

Zone 8

A beautiful terrain makes this zone popular. This zone houses tigers like T-8, T-58, and T-34. Tigers exist in Kali Bhat, Neemli Dang, Mahakho, Kherai, and Balas.

Zone 9

This zone is 45 minutes from the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Park. It is located on the banks of the Chakal river in the Paloudhi Range, Rajasthan. This zone houses T-42, T-43, T-13, and T-59. Tiger-spotting areas are Balas, Kherai, Kali, Neemli, Dang, Bhat, and Mahalo. This zone is also the habitat of other species like birds, sloths, and caracals.

Zone 10

Beauty is what makes this zone popular. It houses tigers like T-42, T-43, T-13, and T-59. Famous spotting places here are Kushalipura, Honda, Mantri, Banskhori, Bodal, and Devpura.

Flora and Fauna 

Tourists making the Ranthambore Safari Booking should be aware of the exquisite flora and fauna of this place. As it is located near Thar, the terrain is scanty. Due to this, 300 diverse species of plants are available. Majorly the forests of Ranthambore National Park constitute Banyan and Peepal trees. Dhok is mostly available on the hill slope and forms 80 percent of the forest cover. Among others, the park has Mango, Jamun trees. Babul, Gurjan, Gum, Kadam, Khajur, Khair, Mahua, Kulu, Ronj, Salar, and Tendu are available.

The fauna at Ranthambore National Park is equally exquisite. The park houses a bunch of reptiles like Snub Nosed Marsh Crocodiles, Desert Monitor Lizards, Banded Kraits, Indian Pythons, North Indian Flap Shelled Turtles, Saw-scaled Vipers, and the Indian Chamaeleon. Of course, then there are the famous Royal Bengal tigers.

How to reach

Tourists making the Ranthambore Safari Booking should note that the nearest airport is Jaipur Aiport which is 150-170 kilometers away. The Sawai Madhopur railway station is the nearest railway station located at a distance of about 11 km from the National Park.


A. If you are doing the Ranthambore Safari Booking then note that you need a minimum of 3 days or more to explore the beauty of this place.
Q. Which month is best for Ranthambore?

A. The best time to explore the wildlife at Ranthambore National Park is from April to June.

Q. Why is Ranthambore National Park famous?

A. Ranthambore National Park is known for its abundant tiger population.
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