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Are you planning a trip to Ranthambore National Park, the land of the majestic tiger

As one of India’s most prominent national parks, Ranthambore stands out with its unique charm and significance, making it a shining example in tourism. Nestled between the Aravali hills and the Vindhya plateau, this renowned park covers an expansive area of 1334 sq km, with the core national park spanning 392 sq km. Due to its popularity among tourists, booking your Ranthambore Safari in advance is advisable to avoid any inconvenience. Most visitors come to witness the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers and indulge in other thrilling wildlife adventures.

Types of Safaris

Before heading to Ranthambore Park, knowing the available safari options is essential. There are two types of safaris: Jeep and Canter. The Centre is a 20-seater vehicle, perfect for large groups, while the Jeep is a 6-seater, with options for private or shared bookings. For a hassle-free experience, it’s recommended to make your Ranthambore Safari booking at least 90 days in advance. While last-minute bookings might be possible, they are subject to availability.

Ranthambore Safari Booking Procedure

Here’s a quick guide to booking your safari:

Booking Safari Your Way: The Forest Department (Govt. of India) handles Ranthambore safari bookings. You can choose between booking online on the Ranthambore Forest Department website or offline at the National Park itself.

Jeeps or Canters? You Decide! Both Jeep and Canter options are available for your safari adventure. Jeeps offer a more personalized experience with a smaller group, while Canters are a budget-friendly option for larger groups.

Year-Round Safaris: The good news? Ranthambore safaris are open year-round! So, you can book a safari adventure whenever you plan your trip.

Planning? Online bookings open 365 days before your desired safari date for ultimate planning freedom. This allows you to secure your spot well in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Picking Your Zone: Ranthambore National Park has ten safari gate zones, each offering a unique experience. Do some research to choose the zone that best suits your interests!

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Safari Timing and Prices

Tourists booking the Ranthambore Safari should note that safari functions at different times in different months. It is as follows:

From 1st Oct to 31st Oct the timings are 06:30 am to 10:00 am & 02:30 pm to 06:00 pm

1st Nov to 31st Jan: 07:00 am to 10:30 am & 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm

From 1st Feb to 31st Mar: 06:30 am to 10:00 am & 02:30 pm to 06:00 pm

1st April to 15th May: 06:00 am to 09:30 am & 03:00 pm to 06:30 pm

16th May to 30th June: 06:00 am to 09:30 am & 03:30 pm to 07:00 pm.

The charges are as follows: permit charges and jeep charges. A six-seater jeep safari tour operators charge 1700 INR/per passenger from Indian nationals and 2900/per passenger for foreign nationals.

For a 20-seater canter, the safari tour operators charge 1400 INR/per passenger from Indian nationals and 2400 INR/per passenger for foreign nationals. For a full-day safari, Indian nationals have to pay 57000 INR/Jeep, and foreign nationals have to pay a safari cost of 72000 INR/Jeep.

Ranthambore Safari Zones: Spotting Tigers Made Easy!

Ten safari zones, each offering unique opportunities to see tigers and other wildlife:

Zone 1: Home to Legends: This zone is celebrity central! During the summer months, spot famous tigers like Ustad, Noor, and Sultan. Enter and exit the Singh Dwar gate to get the best chance to see these big cats.

Zone 2: Beyond the Tigers: While tigers roam here too, Zone 2 is a haven for leopards. Explore historical sites like Jogi Mahal and Bada Gate, or visit Jhalra, Parniya, and Nal Ghati for breathtaking scenery.

Zone 3: Cubs & Stars: This zone is popular with mothers and their cubs. Look for Krishna and her cubs or Sitara, a well-known tigress.

Zone 4 & 5: Shared Gate, Big Thrills: Zones 4 and 5 share the Singh Dwar entrance. For prime tiger viewing, head to Gular Kui, Jokhang, or Takia Klui. These zones are highly recommended for spotting these majestic creatures.

Zone 6: Diverse & Beautiful: Get ready for various wildlife! Zone 6 boasts stunning landscapes and is home to T-57, T-34, and T-58 tigers with their cubs.

Zones 7 & 8: Tigers on Display: Spot tigers are easily seen in Zones 7 and 8. Look for T-34, T-8, T-58, and T-61 with their cubs – these tigers frequently roam these areas. Zone 8 also offers stunning terrain for a scenic safari experience.

Zone 9: Off the Beaten Path: This zone, 45 minutes from the main park, is perfect for those seeking a quieter adventure. It is located on the Chambal riverbanks and is home to tigers like T-42, T-43, and T-13. Keep an eye out for other animals like sloth bears and caracals!

Zone 10: Beauty & Beasts: This zone is all about the views! Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while searching for tigers like T-42, T-43, T-13, and T-59. Popular spotting areas include Kushalipura, Honda, and Devpura.

Ranthambore’s Hidden Treasures: Beyond the Tigers!

Don’t just focus on the tigers – this park boasts a wealth of flora and fauna waiting to be discovered!

Nature’s Beauty: Ranthambore’s landscape is a bit dry, close to the Thar desert. But don’t let that fool you! Over 300 different plant species call this place home. Towering Banyan and Peepal trees dominate the forests, while Dhok trees cover most hillsides. You’ll also find Mango, Jamun, Babul, Gurjan, and many more!

A Feast for Animal Lovers: The wildlife at Ranthambore is equally amazing. Keep your eyes peeled for reptiles like the scary-sounding Snub-Nosed Marsh Crocodile and the Desert Monitor Lizard. Watch out for the venomous Banded Kraits and Indian Pythons, but don’t worry, they’d rather avoid you, too! Look for the North Indian Flap-Shelled Turtles sunning themselves or spot the shy Indian Chameleon blending in with the leaves.

Of Course, the Tigers! And let’s not forget the stars of the show – the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers! Ranthambore is world-renowned for its tiger population, making it a dream destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

Ready to Explore? With its diverse flora and fauna, Ranthambore offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers. Book your safari with Banzaara Travels and get prepared to discover the hidden treasures of this incredible national park!

How to reach

Tourists making the Ranthambore Safari Booking should note that the nearest airport is Jaipur Aiport, 150-170 kilometres away. The Sawai Madhopur railway station is the nearest railway station, located about 11 km from the National Park.

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FAQ Regarding Ranthambore Safari Booking

If you are doing the Ranthambore Safari Booking then note that you need a minimum of 3 days or more to explore the beauty of this place.

The best time to explore the wildlife at Ranthambore National Park is from April to June.

Ranthambore National Park is known for its abundant tiger population.

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