Kanha Safari Booking tourists should know that Kanha National Park is located in the lap of the Maikal range of Satpuras in Madhya Pradesh. This famous tiger reserve is considered one of the finest wildlife areas in the world. It is spread across the Mandala and the Kalaghat district. The Kanha National Park was declared a national park back in 1955.

The Kanha National Park has spread over 940 sq km. The landscapes and the meadows are so mesmerizing that they even found a mention in the famous ‘Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling. During your sightseeing, you will also find running streams, dense jungles, and wildlife in its natural habitat.

Kanha Safari Booking has attracted travelers from all corners of the world owing to its well-developed infrastructure. If you want to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city then Kanha National Park is the place to be.

Types of safari

People who are going forward with Kanha Safari Booking have two types of Jungle Safari options available at Kanha National Park: Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari.

Jeep Safari

The best way to explore the dense jungles and wildlife of Kanha National Park is through a jeep safari. Open jeeps are available for both groups and individuals. Naturalists accompany tourists to help spot wildlife. Jeep safari operates in the following zones: Kisli, Mukki, Kanha, and Sarhi.

Jeep Safari | Kanha Safari Booking

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari is another adventurous way to explore Kanha National Park. Tourists prefer elephant backs because inaccessible areas can also be explored. It happens in the morning hours and only for four people. It lasts for 10 to 15 minutes or for a full-day safari, depending on the kind of slot you have booked in advance.

Elephant Safari | Kanha Safari Booking

Safari booking procedure

You can book entry tickets for Kanha Safari Booking in two modes: online and offline. The tickets can be booked online with the help of travel tour operators. Tickets can also be booked upon entry to the Kanha National Park but it is contingent on availability. However, for a jeep safari, you need to book a separate ticket. The jeep safaris are operated twice a day, early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The keeps are 6-seater open vehicles that also include a driver and a naturalist. There is a limitation on the number of vehicles allowed to enter the forest in each shift.

Safari timing and prices

The Kanha National Park has different timing for different months. From October to February the safari timings are from  6.30 AM to 11 AM in the morning and in the afternoon from 2 PM – 5.30 PM. From March to June it functions fr0m 6 AM – 10 AM in the morning and in the afternoon from 3 PM – 6 PM. The safari doesn’t function on Wednesday evenings, Holi, Diwali & during monsoon.

Kanha National Park

The safari cost for the Kanha Safari Booking changes frequently. However, generally, the safari permit fee is Rs. 250 for a single seat in the jeep. For the whole jeep, it is Rs. 1500 (max 6 Persons). There is also an extra cost on jeep hiring & guide which is around 2500 per jeep and 480 per guide.

Safari zones

Mukki Zone

Mukki zone is the most popular zone of all. This is because it is favorable for tiger spotting and other wildlife sightings. It is here that you can look out for Tigers, Hard Ground Swamp Deer, Indian Bison, Wild Dogs, and Leopards. Even the water streams are home to many water birds. This territory is considerably less hilly and has marshy grasslands at Sounder and Bishanpura.

Kanha Zone

Kanha zone is the premium zone as tourists need to pay extra fees to do safari here. This zone is consistent with the Sal belt, mixed forests, grassy meadows, and abundant water bodies like Sarvan Taal. The meadows are preferable for tiger safaris because maximum tiger spottings happen here. You can also enjoy elephant rides and tiger shows in this zone.

Kisli Zone

The Kisli Zone lies adjacent to Kanha Zone and has a similar habitat. Even though these meadows are smaller yet the tiger sightings are equally good. This road also leads to Bhamni Dadar sightseeing point. The Nakti ghati is apt for bird watching and also offers a chance to see tigers in dense forests.

Sarhai Zone

Sarai Zone is a newer addition to the tourism infrastructure at Kanha. Here you will find dense mixed forests which are absolutely scenic. However, this gate does not have accommodations therefore tourists stay at the Khatia village. The entry for the tiger safari at Sarhai zone is through the Khatia Gate which is also used for entry into Kanha and Kisli Zones. Here you will find the Nilgai or Blue Bull antelope alongside tigers.

Flora and fauna

The flora and fauna of Kanha National Park are magnificent. There are more than 1000 species plant species found here. This includes sal, bamboo, and other mixed forest trees along with meadows, climbers, herbs, and shrubs. There are also aquatic plants in the lakes. The flora includes tiger, leopard, bison, gaur, and various exquisite deer species. The wildlife present here includes barasingha, blackbuck, and swamp deer. Other animals like foxes, hyenas, honey badgers, Indian wolves, sloth bears, wild boars, jungle cats, langurs, and macaques can also be found.

Do’s and don’ts

  1. Kindly keep a safe distance from the animals.
  2. Avoid making loud noises as this will disturb the wildlife
  3. Do not litter and keep the park pollution-free. Carry a litter bag and dump all your non-biodegradable litter into the bag
  4. You should hire guides well in advance of the exploration tour of the national park.
  5. Do not smoke in the forest as accidental fires are known to destroy the natural habitat of wildlife species.

How to reach

Kanha National Park is accessible by rail, road, and air. The Nagpur airport is at a distance of 266 km and the Jabalpur airport is 177 km away. The nearest railway stations are at Jabalpur, Nagpur, and Gondia, which are located 177 km, 266 km, and 200 km respectively from Kanha National Park. Daily buses also ply between Kanha and major cities like Jabalpur, Nagpur, Bilaspur, and Raipur. You can also book cabs and private taxis.


A. A 4 days safari in Kanha National Park is enough to explore one of the most beautiful national parks in India.
A. For tiger spotting, the best time to go to Kanha National Park is in April and May.
A. A 4 days Safari is enough to explore the Kanha National Park.