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About Kedarkantha Trek

Are you ready for the majestic peaks of Kedarkantha? Join Banzaara Travels on an exciting journey through the Himalayas with our exclusive Kedarkantha Trek Package. Nestled in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha offers breathtaking views, peaceful landscapes, and a thrilling trekking experience.

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as you trek through dense forests, fresh meadows, and snow-clad trails to reach the summit of Kedarkantha Peak. Our experienced guides will lead the way, ensuring your safety and providing fascinating insights into the local culture and history.

At Banzaara Travels, we prioritize your comfort and convenience. From arranging transportation and accommodations to providing delicious, we take care of every detail so you can focus on the beauty of your surroundings and make unforgettable memories.

But the adventure doesn’t stop with the trek. Advance your journey with our exclusive Uttarakhand packages and explore more of Uttarakhand’s natural wonders.

Whether you’re an experienced trekker or a beginner adventurer, our Kedarkantha Trek Package caters to all levels of expertise. Join us and let Banzaara Travels be your trusted guide to the wonders of Uttarakhand. Book your trekking adventure today and prepare to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Kedarkantha, one of the most well-liked treks in India, is well-liked by both experienced and novice hikers.
• Kedarkantha is such a popular winter trek that it would be apt to entitle it as the Queen of Winter Treks.
• Kedarkantha trek will give you (from the top to an altitude of 12,500 ft.)an inimitable view of the cosmic sky, lush meadows, snow paths, charming villages, scented pine forest, sky-knocking peaks, tranquil rivers, and some mythological story whispers.

Best time to Trek in Kedarkantha

One of the few treks in the Indian Himalayas where you may hike throughout the majority of the year is the Kedarkantha trip.
• With the exception of July and August, Kedarkantha Trek is accessible for 10 months of the year (except the peak rainy months in Uttarakhand).
• The terrain, degree of difficulty, and weather vary greatly depending on the season.

Highlights of Kedarkantha Trekking

Kedarkantha is an easy to moderately difficult trip, making it the ideal walk for amateur trekkers or first-time travellers.
• Sankri village is the place, where the trek begins and ends.
• Height of Kedarkantha Trek: 12,500 ft.
• The level of this trekking is Easy to Moderate Difficulty level.
• Kedarkantha Trek temperature ranges between -5°C to 3°C at night and 8°C to 15°C during the day.
• Kedarkantha Trekking is best from November to April.
• For this trekking, the closest station is at Dehradun or you can avail Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport.
• Kedarkantha is a stunning trip that allows photographers to catch the snow falling from the pine trees, which appears to be magic dust.
• You can discover the charming campsites, each of which is distinctive in its own way and unmatched in beauty by any other campgrounds along the route.
• It can be the best experience camping near freezing lakes, JudakaTalab as a venue for meditation.


• You will have the incredible opportunity to camp out under the stars and go snowshoeing throughout this expedition.
• Photography is a fascinating activity as well. There are a tonne of photo opportunities in the 360° perspective. As much as your camera’s storage capacity will allow, you can record anything for your memory.
• Additionally, the walk allows you to stay in double or triple-occupancy camps in JudakaTalab, Kedarkantha Base Camp, and Hargaon (subject to Weather and Availability Conditions).

Things to remember

• Weather-related delays are possible, thus in any case, if a problem arises because of this, kindly be patient and cooperative.
• It is not recommended for anyone to participate in this journey if they have health issues like asthma, etc.
• Carry as little weight as possible to reduce your physical strain.
• Any warning or signboard that may be present should be carefully read and adhered to.
• Before hiring any form of hiking equipment, thoroughly inspect it to see if it is in functioning order.
• Drink enough water to stay hydrated, but not too much. Drinking water slowly will help you ascend the hike and prevent dehydration.

Kedarkantha Trek Itinerary

• It will take about 7-8 hours to complete the drive.
• The breathtaking and magnificent drive will be welcomed by pine and oak woodlands, and your road will run alongside the raging Yamuna and Tons rivers.
• You can check in at your hotel upon arrival, leave your stuff there, and then go for a stroll in the quaint small hamlet of Sankri.
• There are 11 treks that you can attempt from Sankri Base Camp, with Kedarkantha Treks and Harki Dun Treks being the most well-known.

• The duration of the walk could reach five hours. When you go to JudaKaTalab, you can see the lake’s fantastical beauty as it is encircled by mountains.
• At last, you can eat a delicious dinner and then go to your tents for the night after reviving yourself.

• With appropriate breaks, the walk should be finished in around 3 hours. The initial portion of the walk follows a well-marked trail and is nearly level. The view of these mountains will stay with you forever.
• Swargarohini Peak is 6,252 metres tall, Bandarpunch is 6,316 metres tall, Kalanag is 6,387 metres tall, and Ranglana is 5,554 metres tall. These mountains are all a part of the Garhwal Himalaya.
• You can eat your delectable dinner and retire to your tents for the night after arriving at the campsite and freshening yourself.

• The ascent begins gradually and becomes steeper as it nears its conclusion. You can meditate for a while if you have the time.
• After stopping at base camp for a short while to relax, we continue our descent to Hargaon camp, which is located at an elevation of 8,900 feet.
• After arriving at the campsite, enjoy a delicious dinner to celebrate the end of the day before retiring to your tent for the evening.

• Before the settlement of Sankri can be seen, the woodland surrounding the trail gradually gets deeper. Making the most of this evening with your fellow trekkers is important because it will be your lasting experience of the walk.

• The journey you take today will be very memorable for you; at certain points, you will be delighted that you have the lifetime memory to keep as a reminder of this lovely place while also feeling sad that you are leaving it to return to your busy daily routine.

FAQ Regarding Kedarkantha Trek

Easy to moderate. Great for beginners with decent fitness.

No, Kedarkantha cannot be done in 1 day. The total trek distance is around 24 kilometres, but due to the altitude and need for acclimatization, it typically takes 4-6 days to complete safely.

The best time to do the Kedarkantha Trek is from December to April. If you want a winter wonderland experience, December to February provides stunning snowy landscapes. March and April offer more comfortable temperatures with less extreme cold.

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