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Tadoba Safari Booking: Tips and Tricks

Exploring Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: Maharashtra’s Natural Wonder

Tadoba National Park, known as the “Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve,” is one of India’s planned tiger reserves and Maharashtra’s oldest and largest national park. Situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, approximately 150 miles from Nagpur city, the park covers a vast area of 1,727 sq. km, including Tadoba National Park. The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve came into existence in 1995 after the merger of the park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary.

The name “Tadoba” or “Taru” is revered by the local tribal people, while “Andhari” is derived from the Andhari River flowing through the area.

Tadoba National Park is divided into three distinct forest ranges: the Tadoba North range, the Kolsa South range, and the Morhurli range between the first two. The park’s vitality depends on three lakes—Tadoba Lake and Kolsa Lake—and the Tadoba River, which are replenished during the monsoon season and provide essential resources for the park’s ecosystem.

Tadoba Safari Booking Types

Jeep Safari

The Moharli (Mohurli) Zone, Tadoba Zone, and Kolsa Zone are the three zones in the reserve that provide access to the Jeep Safari. The Jeep Safari is the topmost activity and the tickets get sold out quickly. It’s advised to do your Tadoba Safari Booking before time to avoid unavailability. Moreover, the open Jeep trip, often known as a “tiger safari,” is typically only a few hours long and takes place in a dense reserve where there is a good chance of seeing tigers and other wild creatures.

Jeep Safari | Tadoba Jungle Safari Booking

Canter safari

There is room for 22 people on this global safari at once. This canter, also known as a shared safari, is a large open vehicle with two guides inside. The most affordable safari option available is on a canter. Online reservations can be made in advance for Moharli gate. The Moharali zone is the only area in Tadoba Jungle Safari offering a canter safari. Tadoba’s area is with the highest traffic. A canter safari is an efficient way to tour the Moharli zone which is both precious and charming. You can extend the worth of your trip to Tadoba by riding in this minivan to the deep forest.

Safari booking procedure

Since there is now no online booking option for Tadoba Safari, one can visit the DFO Office in Chandrapur District, close to the tiger reserve, and try for spot booking at the Navegoan Gate. The neighborhood taxi stands provide the jeeps for rent together with professional drivers. 

Tadoba Jungle Safari Booking

Visitors are not permitted to exit the jeep during the safari expedition. It is because doing so could endanger their lives. Additionally, they must adhere to a set of guidelines during the tiger safari, which the park guide can explain as they are fully aware of it.

Tadoba Safari Booking Prices

  • Jeep Cost INR 5500 (Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in ONE Jeep)
  • INR 1,000 per person for a canter (Maximum 18 Persons are allowed in ONE Canter)

Safari timings

  • Safari timings: 02:30 PM to 06:30 PM and 06:30 AM to 11:00 AM.
  • The cost covers the Jeep and the driver, as well as taxes, permit fees, guide fees, online payment gateway fees, and our service fees.
  • Refunds are not available for the Jeep Safari and Canter Safari.
  • Safari reservations for the following day will be CLOSED after 5:00 PM.

Safari zones

  • Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the best spots in India to watch the Royal Bengal Tigers.
  • Tadoba Jungle offers a comprehensive view of the ecosystem and the chance to encounter tigers and other wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Jeep Safaris, commonly referred to as” tiger safaris,” are a popular way to explore the reserve.
  • The reserve consists of three zones, each with a unique access gate: the Moharli (Mohurli) Zone, the Tadoba Zone, and the Kolsa Zone.
  • The Moharli Zone is renowned for excellent tiger sightings and offers tourists top-notch lodging options.
  • Moharli is the best place for tiger-spotting and is known for housing the most tigers per square mile.
  • Participating in an open Jeep safari is the most practical way to experience the reserve’s diverse flora and fauna.
  • Jeep safaris increase the chances of spotting rare wild tigers and other animals.

Tadoba National Park

Tadoba Zone:

The Tadoba Zone is well-known for providing travelers with a variety of fauna and beautiful landscapes. Additionally, it has four gates that are located at Moharli, Navegaon, Kolara, and Khutwanda.

Kolsa Zone:

The Kolsa Zone is well-known for its spectacular forest vistas because there are fewer opportunities to see wild creatures there. Moharli, Pangdi, and Zari have gates that allow access to this area.

Safari Zone in Zari:

The zari safari zone, which provides the best and clearest view of the national park, has its special beauty and diverse contributions, including staycations close by along with necessary amenities and other things of the kind. Additionally, purchasing a safari through Zari Gate will take you through the central and core regions.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Before entering any protected region, each vehicle must have an authorized guide with it after paying the necessary fees.
  • In any protected area, there should always be a minimum of 50 meters between any two vehicles.
  • When entering any protected area, you must produce your park entry pass and/or identification upon request from a forest official.


  • Do not exceed the vehicle’s maximum passenger capacity, including the driver and guide.
  • Do not exit your car anywhere other than the designated areas.
  • Rules for the Tadoba Jungle Safari’s Dos and Don’ts
  • Do not lean out of the car or get out to board another one after getting off the first.
  • If you see a wild animal, don’t stay around for more than a few hours.

How to reach

The best way to go to Tadoba National Park is probably through Chandrapur. The city has excellent rail, road, and air connections to some of India’s largest cities, including Nagpur, Amravati, Bhilai, Durg, and Nanded. It takes around an hour to get to Tadoba National Park from Chandrapur. The distance between Chandrapur Railway Station and the National Park is about 45 kilometers.

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FAQ Regarding Tadoba Safari Booking

Tadoba does not permit private automobiles.

Every season, from 15 October to 30 June, the park is open to tourists; however, every Tuesday is a full-day closure.

The Tadoba Andhari reserve is home to a wide range of animal species, including hyenas, sloth bears, leopards, and sloth bears.

The Ideal Season to Visit Tadoba is October-June(Peak Time). Whereas July-September is the off-season.

The most recent addition to Tadoba's assortment of activities is Night Safari. From Junona Gate, which is 45 minutes away from our lodge, you may access Night Safari in the buffer zone. The entire experience lasts roughly 3–4 hours, beginning right away at the sunset. 

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