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A beautiful hidden gem in Uttarakhand India, Harsil is a tiny village located in the Uttarkashi Garhwal region, situated 7,860 feet (about 2.4 km) above sea level. Harsil is surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere and Himalayan views; it is also known as the hidden Himalayan Pearl and Snow Valley. 

As one of the hill stations and not known by many, it has become one of the most visited spots in winter. It is well-known for its apple plantation and production and obviously, for its serene natural environment. 

Harsil gets its charm and uniqueness from the lives of the local people, community, and culture. The life of people here inspires many to believe in nature. 

Famous for the Hindu pilgrimage site, dedicated to the goddess Ganga, Gangotri, also a part of Chota Char Dham’s Gangotri Yatra, and Mukhwas, also known and believed to be the birthplace of Goddess Parvati. 

Moreover, visitors can also visit the Bhagirathi River when visiting this village, which is enjoyable and one of the most beautiful places to fish. Natural hot springs offer healing properties.  

Lastly, Harsil has a beautiful community and a blend of outdoor activities and spirituality, Harsil is a must-visit destination for everyone, especially for those who want to learn about natural beauty, cultural history, and adventure. 



There are a few things to do in Harsil that you need to know. Harsil is a place where you can explore many things. These are the few things you can go for :

Gangotri Temple 

Gangotri Temple is a temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga, which is one of the four holy sites of Char Dham Yatra. 

Soak your body in Ganga 

You can take a bath or dip in natural hot spring water which is believed to have natural healing medicinal properties. 

Explore the Birthplace of Goddess Parvati 

The village of old Mukhwas is believed to be the birthplace of the goddess Parvati, the place has got some unique architectural monuments built from wood and stones. 

Go for Adventure activities 

Harsil offers outdoor activities to adventure lovers, which include activities such as trekking, rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing. 

Just go out in Nature 

Plan a night stay in an open natural space surrounded by a forest area and arrange camping. And experience stargazing at night. 

Explore the local markets 

Visit village markets and try traditional cuisines, especially organically grown apples from the apple orchard area. Surely it will give you a taste of local culture and culinary traditions. 

Go for a long drive  

Take a long drive to explore the beautiful surrounding spots and sights such as the Valley of Flowers and Gangotri Glacier. 



  • If you are looking for an outing in pleasant weather, then the best time to visit Harsil is during the summer months from March to June.
  • And after the monsoon seasons from September and November. During this time, you may also enjoy activities such as camping, climbing, or exploring. 
  • From July to August, which is the rainy season, tourists are advised not to visit hail as there’s a possibility of landslides and heavy rainfall. 
  • During the period of winter from December to February when the temperature drops markedly, and roads are covered with snow it makes it difficult for travelers to travel. 



There are different means of transport to reach Harsil. From major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai here is how to reach Harsil: 

  1. DELHI: If you are traveling from Delhi, Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport to Harsil and close to New Delhi.                                                                                 Once you reach Dehradun you can take a taxi or a bus to Harsil. 
  2. MUMBAI: The best way to reach Harsil from Mumbai is to take a flight to Dehradun and then hire a taxi or take a bus to Harsil. 
  3. BENGALURU: Take a direct flight from Bengaluru to Dehradun and then you can take a cab or bus once you reach Dehradun to reach Harsil. 
  4. KOLKATA: If you are looking for good connectivity with the city of Harsil. Then Haridwar Railway Station is the nearest station offering good connectivity. After reaching Haridwar, there are buses and cabs available to Harsil.
  5.  CHENNAI: A direct flight from Chennai to Dehradun and then taking a bus or a taxi is the best way to reach Harsil from Chennai easily.


Near Harsil, you can find a lot of beautiful places. There are a few popular tourist destinations close by: 


 located only 3 kilometers from Harsil, is a small and vibrant village. It offers beautiful views which are simply wonderful, connected by a motorable road. 

Mukhwas Village 

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Harsil is Mukhwas village, located only a few kilometers from here.                                                                                                                      It’s the winter home of Goddess Gangotri because Gangotri herself is prone to heavy snow, which makes it a beautiful place. 


Sattal is an aggregation of seven freshwater lakes with nature’s bounty, plenty of migrating birds, and spectacular views from every angle.                                                                  Located in Kumaon Region at an elevation of 1370 m (about 4494.75 ft) above sea level.                                                                                                                                                                     The area boasts of its cluster of seven connected lakes namely Panna, Naldaymanti Tal, Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, and Sukha Tal adjoined by the lush green cover of oaks and pines. 


 situated 26 km (about 16.16 mi) ahead, Harsil is substantially known for its hot water spring. A beautiful place with picture perfect view of the Himalayas attracts excursionists in large numbers every time. 


Make sure you visit the witching place known as Gangotri if you’re visiting Harsil. It is the highest-known home of Goddess Ganga and is beautifully beautiful, one of                          Char Dham (four dhams) in India.



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