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Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness has warmth at its core. ‘Aahana’ is a Sanskrit word, meaning, ‘the first rays of the rising sun, one of the finest places to stay in Corbett’. It is a regarded ultra-luxury resort located on a vast 13.5 acres at the southern edge of the Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand.

Aahana Resort Corbett is a luxury experience that looks out over the Bijrani forest and provides excellent options for bird-watching. Because of the colorful plantations, birds are dispersed around the area. The land provides a wide variety of impactful and distinctive experiences that one would ever expect. The main idea behind this is to perform ongoing efforts to create new and fascinating experiences within the Corbett Landscape and lessen the carbon footprint.

How to enjoy the Richness?

  1. Adventures like easy hiking through the virgin jungle to a secluded waterfall, bird-viewing drives to Asia’s longest mud embankment, and retracing James Edward Corbett’s steps in a settlement he gave to the locals. All these alleviate the severe demand on the park’s official tourist sites.
  2. We’ve converted over 15% of the property grounds to organic farming, and we have imminent plans to expand. Our chefs can guarantee that most menu items contain only pure and organic ingredients. They are creating a 100% Organic Menu for your enjoyment. All are prepared to provide you with amazing gourmet experiences since they take your food seriously and recognize that organic is the way of the future.
  3. Their chefs are from the neighborhood in the hills. They conjure up some incredibly authentic Kumauni meals as part of our extensive menus in keeping with their culture. These foods complement their lifestyles with the ease of preparation and complexity of wholesomeness.
  4. Aahana Naturopathy Centre offers a comprehensive health program. It combines Ayurveda, Naturopathy Panchakarma, and Yoga with a variety of relaxing therapies like Western Spa Treatments, Music Therapy, and Nature Cures to revitalize and re-energize the body. 
  5. These tried-and-true holistic treatments not only help you prevent illness and deal with ailments on a daily basis, but they also encourage restful sleep and slow down the aging process.
  6. Add to this the aesthetically beautiful jungle setting, and the nourishing food delights that go well with your customized therapies. The timeless setting that simultaneously promotes well-being, beauty, and enjoyment. There is a completely unique naturopathic itinerary so you can change your life in style.
  7. Whether it’s at the premier naturopathy and wellness center or the carefully crafted wilderness expeditions, Aahana Resort Corbett believes in offering an opulent yet rustic experience. 

Divine-Dining Experience

  1. The multi-cuisine restaurant, Dhikala, offers a wide variety of menu selections. There are fresh ingredients always available sourced from the organic kitchen gardens and milk from their on-site ‘Gaushala’.
  2.  Families and friends enjoy a hearty gourmet meal in Aahana Resort Corbett while children play in the echoing hallways and families shine with laughter. Warm smiles and joyful exchanges take place, and lovely memories are made that can be cherished forever.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of healthy eating with the constantly-changing wellness menu. It satisfies the New Age Indian’s quickly changing demands. To create mouthwatering treats that are nourishing, satisfying, and divine, their chefs combine techniques with inventive combinations of ingredients found nearby.
  4. No matter what dietary limitations travelers have, their chefs can create the ideal dish for culinary pleasure. You name it, and they create a delicious menu for you and your family. This will include diabetic alternatives, gluten-free options, vegan options, and Saatvik vegetarian options.

Accommodation at Aahana Resort Corbett 

48 dwelling units with exquisitely decorated luxurious interiors are housed in the ten residential buildings with Victorian-style architecture. Small to large families can all fit comfortably in a variety of rooms. The Aahana’s living quarters provide guests with the solitude, comfort, and elegance they need for a home experience.

The guestrooms are inviting, pleasant, and stylish. Tea/coffee makers, a mini-bar fridge, a telephone, a safe deposit box, a 32″ or 42″ LCD TV with Tata Sky connection, continuous hot and cold water, and superb air conditioning are all included in the rooms.

Corbett Club
  1. Two adults can stay here; there is no spare bed.
  2. Size of Room: 580 to 650 sq. ft.
  3. King-size bed with two independent beds
  4. balcony or outdoor seating space with a view of the jungle or a garden
  5. enclosed rainforest showers in bathrooms
Jims Retreat
  1. Arrangements for 2 Adults
  2. 1 Bed
  3. Room Size 720 square feet
  4. King-size bed, balcony, or outside seating space with a view of the garden or the jungle
  5. enclosed rainforest showers in bathrooms
Jungle Lore Suite
  1. Two adults can stay here, and there are two extra beds available.
  2. one bedroom, one sitting room.
  3. Room Size: 750 square feet
  4. the king-size bed
  5. Garden or jungle views from the balcony or outside seating area
  6. Bathing rooms with enclosed rainforest
Ranger Suite
  1. There is space for 2 adults and 1 additional bed.
  2. One bedroom and one living room
  3. 800-square-foot room size
  4. Queen-size bed
  5. a balcony or outdoor seating space with views of a garden, a jungle, or a pool
  6. enclosed rainforest shower in the bathroom

Aahana Resort Rooms

Aahana Family Suite
  1. Suite(02 bedroom) (02 bedroom)
  2. 4 adult beds, with space for 2 additional beds
  3. a sitting room and a bedroom
  4. 1050 square foot maximum size
  5. Balcony or outdoor seating space with a view of the garden or the jungle
  6. Queen-size bed
  7. enclosed rainforest showers in bathrooms
The Villa
  1. Eight adults can stay here, and there are two extra beds available. 3300 sq. ft.
  2. 3 Bathrooms (with bathroom en-suite)
  3. Including one sitting area, patio, and foyer balcony (300 square feet), one of which faces a rainforest and the other a garden.
  4. Queen-size bed
  5. Enclosed rainforest showers in bathrooms
  6. Services for Personal Butlers
  7. You will be given a butler who will help you with all of your catering requirements. He will help you at every step of your stay. From a smooth check-in to helping you organize food and entertainment and taking care of the condition of your rooms.
Villa 1/3/4

Two king-size double beds and two twin beds (can be put together into a double bed, if required) Additionally, the rooms on the ground floor have separate entrances.

King-sized double bed in Villa for 2
  1. One twin bed (can be put together into a double bed, if required)
  2. The ground-floor rooms also have a private entrance.

Review Summary

The property, Aahana Resort Corbett, offers traditional hospitality in a spectacular location. Well positioned between the reserve’s deep jungles and a nearby farming community. The eco-friendly programs, for which they have received recognition, have consistently been chosen as one of Traveler’s Choice’s Top 25 Resorts in India for the past five years. Received great ratings from customers on several forums, including Trip Advisor! It is evidence of the excellent customer service standards and capacity to craft special experiences for each of their visitors. 

Their pride is their personnel. As a part of the responsible tourism project, they are primarily recruiting from nearby towns.

Aahana Resort Corbett

If you visit this place, you have a winning experience where luxury meets responsibility!
Trust Banzaara Travels for a complete and unforgettable resort experience. Prepare your luggage, reserve your trip, and get set for an amazing adventure.

Rooms Details at Aahana Resort Corbett

Corbett Club Outdoor Seating All Amenties
Price From
Jims Retreat Garden or Jungle View All Amenties
Price From
Jungle Lore Suite King-size bed All Amenties
Price From
Ranger Suite Queen-size bed All Amenties
Price From
Aahana Family Suite Rainforest showers All Amenties
Price From
The Villa Personal Butlers All Amenties
Price From

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FAQ Regarding Aahana Resort Corbett

Yes, visitors are entitled to free parking.

Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve and Flying Sparrow Strawberry Farm are nearby attractions (7.3 km)

English and Hindi are two of the many languages that the staff members can speak.

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